Project Description
Assists in creating NMEA log files for use with testing GPS systems. Works w/Windows Mobile 5/6 and GPS Intermediate Driver. Requires Fake GPS (part of the WM6 SDK) to be installed.

This program allows users to create and modify the required registry settings to create their own log files in the Fake GPS Files directory and reboot the device. The program also serves as a C# code example for modifying the registry and doing a soft reboot, w/user final confirmation dialog (cancel being the default) of the device.

*** Security Note: The user should carefully consider the privacy implications of using this application and should refer to "GPS Intermediate Driver General Registry Settings" in the Windows Mobile SDK. ***

The application is based upon changes to the registry settings, for the full documention visit here: GPS Intermediate Driver General Registry Settings.

Fake GPS, part of the Windows Mobile 6 SDK is located here: WM6 SDK Refresh. By default, the CAB for Fake GPS is located at C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6 SDK\Tools\GPS. Fake GPS documentation is located here: Using the FakeGPS Utility.

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